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Bargello Baby Quilt

I finally picked out a pattern I like! It’s going to be a bargello quilt, and I really hope it turns out well. It is the first time I am doing a bargello style quilt, and I’m going to put my all into it, so I cannot imagine it will be that bad! I’m not saying it will be perfect, because I’m sure if I end up looking close enough, I’ll find a few errors, but I’ll make it work! Gosh! I feel like Tim Gunn!

I’ll start it tomorrow morning, because my eye sight is too blurry tonight to sew anything, and it is too dark in my sewing area. The ceiling lights went out due to some faulty wiring, and my landlord is coming by tomorrow to fix it. If worse comes to worse, I’ll sew upstairs, but tonight I am too tired to move all of my equipment up here.

Goodnight for now!

Next Quilting Project

Now that precious Damien’s quilt top is done, it is time to move on to one for my little Miss A, my roommates daughter! She’s getting a quilt that is purple, pink, and hints of lime green and electric blue to make everything pop! Not quite sure on the design, but I’m working on that in my mind’s eye as I type. In fact I’m eying the fabric pile I have next to me on my bed and I can see what I want! Once again, all jewel tones, with nice saturated color! Still can;t come up with a design I’m digging quite yet, but I’m working on it. Let me find my graph paper and get started, but in the mean time let me gather the fabrics and take a picture so everyone will know my starting point!


Damien’s Quilt Top Is Finished!


After I made all of the blocks last night, I went to bed! I slept from 8AM to 1PM, and I hopped back on the sewing machine. I was way too excited about this top to do anything else! Even sleep. The only reason I did sleep was because the light burned out in my machine, and I just did not really feel like find a replacement bulb in my room that late at night, well technically morning! However, I do think this beautiful creation was well worth the lack of sleep! I decided to blend with a base of  rail fence block, and then just made it up as I went. I wanted to fade to red on the ends, and then have that be the border. I really think the red makes the green, purple, and orange POP out of the quilt, which is what I wanted! I’m happy with my choice of jewel toned fabrics, and I would do it all over again if I could!

I hope Damien will enjoy sleeping with it as much as I enjoyed making it. Not sure when I’ll get around to quilting it on my machine. That might even happen later today. I’ll keep everyone posted on any updates!

Click below for more pictures!

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Pardon The Dust

If anyone is having problems with the pictures on this site, I am terribly sorry, but I’m doing a little bit of media maintenance, so there is nothing to fear! All the pictures will be back up very soon!

Damien’s Quilt Update!


I’ve been slaving over a hot sewing machine all night to bring you this! Okay, maybe I slacked a little and watched an episode the French crime serial “Spiral”, but then I got right back to work! Maybe two episodes tops!

As I sewed the blocks for this quilt top I could only think about how beautiful and saturated the colors are! I know traditional baby quilts are bright and cheery, but I think they can be cheerful without being bright. Once again, I really hope I’m right! Now, everyone knows I love jewel tones! So, I used the crap out of them! I went digging for scraps from previous quilts looking for the perfect shades of green, red, orange, and purple. The Border will be a nice saturated red, without being dark, which was not an easy task to find in my stash! I’ce also been listening to Dusty Springfield the entire time I have been sewing. I felt the need for a soulful singer, so I could channel all the depth into a beautiful quilt top! Mostly, I just like me some Dusty to sew too. I can hear her over my sewing machine, and my sewing machine is LOUD!

Anywho, back on topic! I chose the colors because the Parents wanted something saturated with the colors most apt for development, which are the primaries and secondaries, so this top is just chock full of them! I hope everyone enjoys the pictures of this beautiful beast!

Click below for more pictures!

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