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Working On My Pond


Everyone remembers my Pondscape Project, right? After taking a monster nap today I decided to get back to work on sewing! I broke out this beast. I have had it part way done for almost 6 months now. I started it, and I got overwhelmed by it. I don;t know about the rest of you, but every now and then I start to second guess my work about halfway through. I thought I cut the diamonds a little too large, and I felt like they would have blended better had I gone with a smaller diamond. Now that I am almost done with the top – I think I did okay. Could the diamonds be a little bit smaller…. maybe, but I really like it the way it is now. Like I said before I’m making this for someone special who I recently reconnected with. One of my fondest memories of her is when she hemmed and ironed my communion pants for me. Now I get to give her this soon. One sewing project for another. I really hope she likes it!

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Time To Get Back To Work!

I’ve taken the past few days off from being productive to nurse this cold I currently have. Well, the worst is over, so now I’m just a little bit achy and I can deal with that. Today, I’m working on The Pondscape.  I’m not sure if I’ll finish it today, but we’ll see how far I get on it. Just wanted to give everyone an update!

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