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Hope Everyone Enjoys The Eclipse Responsibly!


Here are some basic rules!

• Here in Tennessee, we may have the best view, but we’ll also be the first to be sacrificed.

• Animals may behave strangely. If your dog speaks like a man, heed its dire warnings.

• Don’t trust the squirrel with a child’s face. It speaks only lies.

• When your double arrives, resist the urge to fight it — it may be stronger than you. Chances are, it will disappear after the eclipse, but be careful it doesn’t switch places with you, because it’ll be a few decades before you get the chance to come back.

• If you stare into the void, and it blinks first, you win. But the prize is insanity.

• Werewolves are not only impossible to kill during an eclipse, they become SUPER werewolves.

• Whatever you do, don’t buy any weird plants. We don’t want a repeat of last time.

• Apophis, the Moon Serpent, may try to eat you. Let him.

• Remember, no matter how salty your (gay best friend) is, the moon still throws the best shade.

• If once upon a time you were falling in love, but now you’re only falling apart, there’s nothing you can do. This is a different kind of eclipse.

Thanks to Justin Alva for posting the rules!

Pick Museum at NIU: Quilts And Human Rights

Quilt Social Media

I’ve got amazing news! The Quilts and Human Rights exhibit at The Pick Museum of Anthropology has decided to use my quilt for their publicity for the show! I’m so excited! I’m about to run to work, but I’ll type something awesome up about it later! I just wanted to brag really quickly.




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