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Just In Time For Halloween – Hocus Pocus Towel

I still need to wash out the stabilizer I used, but I just love it! I’m going to make the design in a couple of different sizes. I’m still not sure how I feel about the textured moon, but I might just stick with it! We’ll see! Wish me luck!

My Cousin Is Making Gorgeous Bracelets!

Here is a blurb my cousin wrote for her Etsy Shop.

Welcome to jazzytoaster beads! I believe that beautiful, genuine gemstone bracelets don’t need to cost an arm and a leg. I strive to make top quality bracelets at affordable prices for everyone. Making bracelets is a side hobby of mine. I teach high school, and during a summer off, I decided to get into bracelet making and absolutely fell in love with it. Each bracelet is made from genuine gemstone and love.

Made This Simple Quilt Top Yesterday

I made this quick and simple Halloween Quilt top… Although, the more I look at it, the more I want to use it as a quilt backing. Hmmm, decisions, decisions. I really like the spider web fabric, and the green fabrics I picked out. I did the one in light green, just as an accent piece. I still don’t know if I want this as a simple quilt top, or a backing.. Wish me luck!

Animal Sketches By Anita Goodesign!

I finally got this cute kid’s quilt done! I had the top sitting their forever and thought, it might be time to get cracking. I went for a random look with the blocks, and then decided on a simple lime green back, as well as lime green binding. I think it is just so cute. I’m not sure who to give it to though. I think it might end up on the bed in my guest room. It’s 84″ by 84″, so it’s like a mini-queen. Wish me luck!

I’m Playing With My 9° Wedge Ruler

First off: Wedge Rulers are amazing and now I require all of them! I bought this 9° wedge ruler about 15 month ago, and I never got around to using it. I had some craps left over the my Hexagon quilt and though, that would be a fun place to start with my wedge ruler. I’m making an over-sized pillow that’s going to be about 40 inches in diameter. ‘m still trying to figure out a proper center and how to make a decent backing. Wish me luck!

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