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Still Stripping, or Should I Say Strip Piecing?

Well, I got the first set of pieces ironed and now I am running them through the machine again for the third strip. Hopefully I’ll iron them, and then start cutting the rail fence blocks. Although, I do work today, and my yard needs some work done so I won’t hold my breath! Wish me luck!

Strip Piecing Like A Boss!

I’ve been strip piecing for hours! Okay, maybe one hour, but still! Half way done though with 42 pieced strips, so 84 strips of fabric. Hhopefully tonight I’ll finish it up. The strip piecing that is. I don;t think I’ll start cutting squares for this rail fence quilt yet, but at least I should be able to iron them tonight. One can only hope! First I have to fins=d some new background noise to watch while I sew. I just finished the seasons of Haven on Netflix, and now I need something new! Any suggestions?


My Legend Of Zelda Bed Set

I finished the pillow shams! And they look great with my quilt! I just need to finish the matching throw pillows! I’m thinking about making myself another one with this pattern that is a throw size quilt, and some throw pillows so I can have them on the couch in the front room. Also, I’m starting a new quilt for my bed. This one is going to be bright and summery! I’m not sure of the pattern yet, but I did pick out the fabrics! I’m just so excited! So much to do, so little time!

Next Quilt: Fabric Picked Out

I’m not sure as to a pattern yet, but I picked out the fabric I want for my next quilt! It’s going to be bright and cheery, and I’m going to be so in love with it! This is going to be one hell of a de-stashing project, but I’m ready for it!  I mean with these fabrics, it’s hard to not like something made with them. I can’t wait to start the piecing process!

Wonky Quilt: All Finsihed!

I did it! I finished the Wonky Quilt from Quilt In A Day! I’m so excited. I’m going to hang it up in the shop I work at for a few weeks, and then it is being sent to my friend for her new born son! I went with purple stippling, and then some yellow stippling overlap in the border. I also picked a very folky / country backing for the quilt since they live on a farm! Everything about this is very excited!  I just love the way it turned out! I can’t wait to mail it!

Quilt In A Day: Throw Pillow Complete

I finished this throw pillow late mast night, well I guess it was technically early this morning, but whatever! I just did stitching in the ditch to make the geometry of the pillow pop! I still have to quilt the baby quilt I made for my friend’s new son! Not sure if I’ll quilt in the ditch for that, or do a stipple. I can’t wait to put a pillow form in it and throw it on my bed. First I’ve got to wash it. I feel like this is going to be my great pillow weekend. I’m going to do so many things with my weekend! I don;t go back to work until Tuesday, so I’ve got some time to complete a few UFO in my stash! Wish me luck!

Making Some Triforce Throw Pillows

I’ve decided I need some pillow shams to go with my Zelda Quilt I made a few months ago. I don’t know why I never made them sooner, but I just never got around to it. Here is one of the pieced on my sewing table. I have everything cut for the two of them, but I’m making them one at a time. Here’s to piecing it together!

Quilt In A Day: Wonky Throw Pillow

I’m just so in love with this ruler; I can’t get enough of it! I literally want to do an entire queen size quilt in it for my bed, but alas, I do not have the fabric I want in the quantities I need, and there are about 10 other projects higher up on the list! Sad Day! No, scratch that! There is never a sad day when it comes to sewing! I made myself a throw pillow since I did have some fabric left over from Ivan’s Baby Quilt. Hopefully when I get off work today I can quilt it and have it on my bed by tonight! Fingers crossed!


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