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Started Framing The T-Shirt Blocks

I got motivated today to sew. I just got bit by the sewing bug, and now I’m on a role. I started framing the shirts in black and brown fabric. I haven’t had time to go get stabilizer r interfacing today, so I’m only working with the thicker shirts right now. I just love this idea! I think I might make one for myself out of some old shirts once I am done with this one!

Doing A T-Shirt Memory Quilt!

I’ve gotten a new project to work on! A dear friend of mine asked me to make a memory shirt out of her late husband’s shirts. I cannot wait to dive in, but I have a question for all of my fellow sewists: How should I stabilize the shirts so that when I cut them I get proper squares, and they stay that way? So far I have 2 ideas about what to do: use iron on embroidery stabilizer, or use iron on batting and use quilt as I go method. Anyone know what else I can do? I really want to make it awesome!

I Am Officially Done With Crazy Quilt Number 2!

I did it! It’s all done! Took me quite a while, but It is all done, and I already gave it to my boss as a birthday present! It is only a couple of months late, but oh well. Crafters and sewists who give gifts understand. I mean, I still have my one cousin’s wedding present to finish quilting, and it has only been a year or so… maybe 2 years, but who is counting! Not me! I just love crazy quilts! I cannot wait to work on my new one. It’s going to be greens, purples, and browns! I’m just so excited! I did tons of free motions work, and lots of embroideries! I’m just really stoked about the way it turned out! I used a red binding to make it pop, and a blur background to be ironic! What does everyone think?

I Think I’ve Become Addicted To Fabric Bowls

Now That I’ve gotten 5 down, maybe I can take a break from them and get back to quilting, but you never know. I might just pop out a few more of them later today. I do already have some fabric picked out, but I do have that crazy quilt to finish! I mean, I really should be working on that, but you know, fabric bowls are super easy and fun! The crazy quilt is a little more complex. Who knows what the rest of the day will bring! Maybe I’ll just end up doing yard work all day!

Confessions of a Quilt-aholic: Least Favorite Part Of Sewing


I don’t know about anyone else, but however much I love sewing, and however much fun I have while sewing, there is still a feeling of dread about it. I hate ironing! I mean, it is literally one of my least favorite things! I wish I could afford to pay someone to just do the ironing while I keep sewing! You know, typically I feel pretty good about sewing, but when I quilt with smaller pieces I know that it means a lot of ironing! I don’t know why I hate it, but I just do. Especially when I sew during the warmer months! In the winter I cn get away with more ironing before I start to get queasy, but during the summer, it is the largest deterrent from sewing!

I guess if it is the only downside to making all of my fun projects, I guess I will just have to deal with it!

So what is everyone’s least favorite part of their craft?

Working On Another Fabric Bowl


I know I have that crazy quilt to finish, but I am just too tired. So instead of quilting that, I spent 2 hours making this, and I am halfway done with an inverted one. I did the quilting in gold and used a few candlewick stitches to add some flair! I’m really excited to see the how both on them turned out!

PS. Satin Stitches take forever!

Confessions of a Quilt – aholic : Strangest Thing You’ve Been Asked To Sew


Now, everyone who knows me knows I am a quilter. I’m not a garment sewer, and I’m not very familiar with craft project sewing, but I still get asked to sew some weird things! I know all sewists do! (Side note: What are we calling ourselves these days… ‘sewers’ or ‘sewists’?) A lot of people have all of a sudden lit up when I told them I sew, and then immediately ask for strange things to be made! What about you guys and gals? What have you all been asked to sew?

Here is a list of Top 10 Things I have been asked to sew! Continue reading

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