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Confessions of a Quilt – aholic : Strangest Thing You’ve Been Asked To Sew


Now, everyone who knows me knows I am a quilter. I’m not a garment sewer, and I’m not very familiar with craft project sewing, but I still get asked to sew some weird things! I know all sewists do! (Side note: What are we calling ourselves these days… ‘sewers’ or ‘sewists’?) A lot of people have all of a sudden lit up when I told them I sew, and then immediately ask for strange things to be made! What about you guys and gals? What have you all been asked to sew?

Here is a list of Top 10 Things I have been asked to sew! Continue reading

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Doing Some Yard Work Instead Of Sewing

Since I don;t really feel inspired to sew anything, I figured I would rampage through the yard! I ended up going to my Dad’s old house he is trying to sell and work on cutting down a tree that is a little too overgrown. After only a few minor cuts and abrasions, the tree is about half way down. Now my arms are really sore from using the hand saw, but at least now I feel mildly motivated to sew something, yet at the same tme, too tired to sew something.

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