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Rainy April Days – E Cards

7 Apr

It’s not only raining over here, but it’s also snowing and sleeting on and off. So here are some shenanigans for those of us who are house bound today…



Some E Cards For Your Tuesday

8 Mar

Some debauchery for your day! I’ve been having a very nice day off from work! I’m going to go down to my basement and pound out a quilt top… or so I tell myself…

Some E Cards For This Rainy Day!

29 Oct

Everyone knows that sometimes you have to feel the fabric before you buy it! I hope it is nicer by wherever you are, as it is cold, wet, and gloomy in Chicago this fine Thursday… At least I will have time to sew!

Here Are Your Weekly E-Cards

11 Oct

Here they are, your shenanigans for this lovely week of October! I feel the fall nip in the air, and I’m drinking lots of hot tea! I love this time of year! Now, If you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to watching Netflix… I mean sewing.

Here are last weeks E-Cards for those of you that missed them… Continue reading

It’s A Gloomy Saturday… Here’s Some Shenanigans!

3 Oct

It’s a gloomy, cold day in the Midwest, so here are some shenanigans to make your day a bit warmer!

Some E-Cards For This Very Hot Sunday

16 Aug

It’s been a while, but here they are for your enjoyment!

It’s Been A While, But Here Are Some New E Cards

9 Apr

Here you go! Happy Thursday! There’s more after the jump! Continue reading