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Donating My Orlando Tribute Quilt

When I started work on this quilt, I wanted to donate it to some charity or have it auctioned with the proceeds going somewhere worthy. Well, two days ago I got an email from someone at the Human Rights Campaign, and they were looking for items for their silent auction, so I decided that my memorial quilt for the Orlando shooting victims would be at the 20th Annual Human Rights Campaign National Dinner and Silent Auction held on Saturday, September 10th in Washington, DC at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. I feel honored that I was invited to donate for the silent auction, and I know it is for a good cause!

The pictures are a bit darker. I was playing around with filters on my camera and thought these looked the best. They really capture the sadness of it. I’m just in love with this quilt. I’ll be sad to part with it. Now I just have to finish it. I have 7 more equal signs to go, and then I have to quilt and bind it! Wish me luck!

Added Some fabric To Etsy

zelda fabric 2 zelda fabric 1








I got these fabrics in and had some left over, so I decided to throw them on Etsy. I don’t think you’ll find them anywhere else this cheap! Click on the pictures for more details!

Better Pictures of Alice in the Garden of Eden

This is not a new quilt by any means, but I finally got around to taking better pictures with my new digital camera. Finally people can see what it really looks like without the haze from a lack of pixels. Goodbye crappy photos! I’m thinking of submitting this one into a local art show, but I’m not sure if it fits the bill. Wish me luck!

Happy Pride!

Since I didn’t make it to pride this weekend, I felt I needed to do something! I made this top while working in my basement. I wanted to go, but it was too hot to be out there while I’m still sick and with an ear infection, but next year nothing is going to stop me. I still have to add some borders and then figure how I’m going to quilt it. I really like it! Hopefully I’ll quilt it soon! Wish me luck!

Hope everyone who went to pride had a fun time! I was there is spirit, but also watching Sense8 while in my basement sewing!I think Sense8 was a good choice to watch sine I’m staying in on Pride.

Remember to always love yourself! Here’s to love!

Blueprints In Progress

This piece was made for an art show, but it didn’t get in. Bummer. Oh well. That just means that it will be going in the county fair. Speaking of the County fair, I’ve really got to get everything ready and start packing it up. I’ll have a lot of pieces going in! Wish me luck!

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