Monthly Archives: May 2015

Working On An Embroidered Pillow

I haven’t posted much lately… I haven’t done much lately. I was horribly sick, but now I’m back on the grind. I started with this gorgeous pillow, and I have an embroidered tile scene I’m working on as well. I’ll make sure to post it later. Anyway… This is a design called “Moroccan Tile” and it’s made by Viking. We’re doing a class on it at work, so I better get on it because this is only half the design! The pillow will be 4 blocks and I only have 2 more to go! Wish me luck!

I’ve Been Sick As A Dog…

I practically thought I was dying. I haven’t sewn anything in about 5 days, and I think I’m going through sewing withdrawals. It’s been rough, but I slept for 17+ hours last night, and I feel a bit better. So here it goes, I’m jumping back into my sewing room! Wish me luck!

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