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Some Baby Quilts


I know what you’re thinking… Eric, I thought you don’t do commissions anymore!!! You are correct, but someone special asked for them, and so they got them! Sometimes I like making bright and cheery things… Now, I will never admit that in person, but occasionally, not everything has to be dark saturated colors. The other kicker is, there are two different quilts in the same style. One’s more green, and one is more blue!

To be honest, I’ve probably only heard like 3 Phish songs if that, but the parents these are for are super into Phish. It was fun embroidering the Phish fish on there. Dealing with the puckering after the one embroidered block was not fun, but hey, they got done! Now I can finally work on my Anthems Quilts! Wish me luck!

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Sneak Peek At My First Anthems Quilt


I know what you’re thinking… “Wow Eric, that’s really bright!” You’re right, but I’m not done with my layers yet. Trust me, this will transform into something else shortly, but this is what I have done so far. The finished product will be quite different. I’m not going to say what I’m doing to it yet, because I have to sample a couple things first, but it’ll get there. I promise!

I know I’m on a time constraint, but I’m hoping to get one more done after this, and if by some miracle I have extra free time, I do want to make a third one!

Wish me luck!

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The Last Zelda Commission


As you know, I had to give up commissions with my super busy schedule, however this last one slipped in before I stopped. I’m so happy the guy was such a good sport with it taking several months to complete. I’m very happy with how it turned out, and maybe someday in the near future, I’ll commit myself to doing a couple of these a year. I truly do love making them, but it’s the time. Time is an all-to-precious commodity for me these days.

Next on the docket, is binding a couple of baby quilts. Then I will be all caught up, and I can focus on my Anthems quilt! Wish me luck!

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