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Happy Halloween My Dears!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! I would go trick or treating, but I can;t find any houses that hand out fat quarters!

I’ve Made Sailor Moon, Harley Quinn, and Totoro Towels!

As I’m getting designs ready to put on bath and hand towels, I’m checking out to see what they look like on terry cloth. I think these three turned out okay! I do love the thread I used on the Sailor Moon, and My Neighbor Totoro towels. Soon, I might add some of these to my shop soon. Any other suggestions on fun towels people would like to see? Let me know!

I’ve Been Busy Making Towels For Comic Con

Since I put in a bid to get a booth at the Northwest Indiana Comic-Con this year, I decided to start on my inventory. Now, I’ve designed some Harley Quinn, Creeper from Minecraft, Star Wars, and Legend of Zelda towels, but I think I’ll need more! Anyone have any suggestions about what they think would sell at a Comic Con? I already have some Doctor Who, Batman, and Superman Towels in the works, but I am open to suggestions. This is my first big show, and I really want to have everything people might want, so lay it on me…

Ever Get The Feeling Cashiers Judge You

I was buying some hand towels, and by some I mean 8 black, 8 grey, and 8 while, and the cashier looked at me funky. She asked, “What on earth are you doing with all these? Cleaning up some giant spill…” I know she was just trying to make small talk, but I get things like that a lot. Any other crafters have things they but in bulk that confuse the cashier. I’ve also gotten a couple of looks when I buy a crap ton of freezer paper for sewing… Oh well… So tell me you’re story!

Halt And Catch Fire Was Renwed!


I know this isn’t sewing related, but I just needed to share the good news! Halt and Catch Fire is one of my favorite shows! I just love it, from the strong characters to the dysfunctional dynamic between all of them. When I found out that it was renewed, I was in such a good mood, that I ended up staying up way past my bedtime. At least I was productive during the insomnia, and I made about 6 Star Wars hand towels, so that was nice! I have 6 more to make tonight, and then 2 quilts all for the next couple of weeks. It’s time to get to work… and I do mean my day job, so I’ll sign off for now! Go watch some Halt and Catch Fire! It will be good for you!

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