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Minecraft Quilt, Kit, and Pattern


I’ve been talking about it for a while, and it is finally here! I have now made a Minecraft quilt, the pattern, and I even have enough fabric left over to make some kits for it. Both Queen sized and Throw sized! I feel so accomplished! I’m not going to lie though, I wrote this last night, and scheduled the post for today. It’s about 3am right now, and I’m streaming Grace and Frankie on Netflix, while updating my Etsy shop with these new and exciting items!

I just love the greens in this quilt! Everyone, who has seen my Zelda quilts, knows how much I love green fabric, and this is quite the quilt to show it off. I think I did a darn good job picking out greens that blend and add a nice texture to the background. I also opted for a not solid black to add a little more depth to the center of the quilt! What do you think?

Here’s all the links for you to enjoy!

Pattern – which is for throw and queen size quilts

60″ Quilt Kit

96″ Quilt Kit

Throw Quilt

Queen Quilt

For more pictures of these things – follow the jump! It’s totally worth it! Continue reading

Minecraft – Creeper


This was a couple months in the making, but I finally got it pieced. I have to quilt it this weekend, and I’m still deciding on how to do so. I have a bunch of these green fabrics, so I think I’ll be making some kits to sell. Wish me luck!

Got Some Fabric In: Making Minecraft


I have this Mario quilt which is taking up my life right now, but I have plans for the future! I got a crap ton of fabric in, and I’m getting ready to put it to use! I’ll be making a Minecraft Creeper quilt, and I’ll be making the quilt kit for it! Hopefully I can finish this Mario quilt this weekend, and start cutting this fabric! It’s just so pretty!

Wish me luck!

I’ve Been Busy Making Towels For Comic Con

Since I put in a bid to get a booth at the Northwest Indiana Comic-Con this year, I decided to start on my inventory. Now, I’ve designed some Harley Quinn, Creeper from Minecraft, Star Wars, and Legend of Zelda towels, but I think I’ll need more! Anyone have any suggestions about what they think would sell at a Comic Con? I already have some Doctor Who, Batman, and Superman Towels in the works, but I am open to suggestions. This is my first big show, and I really want to have everything people might want, so lay it on me…

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