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Deadpool Towels!

I’ve been asked for them, and here they are! I’ll have a stack of them at NWI Comic Con this weekend, so if you are in the area, you should stop by and take a gander! For those of you who cannot make it, they are now up on my Etsy shop!

Deadpool Hand Towel

Deadpool Bath Towel

Jeepers Creepers

Minecraft Creeper has just been added to my Etsy Shop! Lot’s of towels have been running on my embroidery machine lately, and now that I’ve made a few samples of this that I like, I’m putting them in my Etsy store!

Creeper Bath Towel

Creeper Hand Towel







She Is The One Named Sailor Moon!!!

As I’ve said, I’ve been getting ready for comic-con and I did some Sailor Moon towels as a test run for my designs, and I recently added them to my shop since people asked! I think later this week, I’ll add some “My Neighbor Tororo” to the list of items in my shop, but I have a quilt or 4 to do, so that has to come first! Wish me luck!

Sailor Moon Hand Towel

Sailor Moon Bath Towel

I’ve Made Sailor Moon, Harley Quinn, and Totoro Towels!

As I’m getting designs ready to put on bath and hand towels, I’m checking out to see what they look like on terry cloth. I think these three turned out okay! I do love the thread I used on the Sailor Moon, and My Neighbor Totoro towels. Soon, I might add some of these to my shop soon. Any other suggestions on fun towels people would like to see? Let me know!

Embroidering Some Legend Of Zelda Towels

I’ve been working like a dog the past few weeks, and I’m finally ready to start putting up some of these items for sale. I just put these Zelda bath towels on my Etsy page. I’m super excited. Next on the docket are some tea towels, and some bar towels… but first, I have a commission quilt to get started on! Wish me luck!

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