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One Piece Towels


I’ve been talking about it for a while, but I finally made a set of these and sent them to a friend. Hopefully he’ll enjoy them, but now that they are made, I went on ahead and added them to my Etsy Shop!

Check Out The Bath Towel Here!

And The Hand Towel Here!

She Is The One Named Sailor Moon!!!

As I’ve said, I’ve been getting ready for comic-con and I did some Sailor Moon towels as a test run for my designs, and I recently added them to my shop since people asked! I think later this week, I’ll add some “My Neighbor Tororo” to the list of items in my shop, but I have a quilt or 4 to do, so that has to come first! Wish me luck!

Sailor Moon Hand Towel

Sailor Moon Bath Towel

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