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My Viking and My Singer Need Service!



My babies are in the shop! Both my Viking Ruby Royale and my Singer 9960 needed some TLC. The tension unit broke on my Viking and the 9960 just needed a good cleaning and servicing. Thank goodness for the staff over at Singer Factory Distributor in Chicago on Irving Park Rd. They truly are a godsend! With my dealer in Northwest Indiana closing, as well as another dealer in South Bend, I was so worried about where I could take my machines.  Continue reading

Eric The Knitter???


I guess you could say I’ve been busy… recently I started working on a new set of scarves for this fall! I made a couple, and threw some pictures out on the internet and sent a few to people I knew, and someone bit! That’s right, my scarves are now going to be made available at The Annex in Highland, In. It’s a super chic boutique on 4th Ave, right off of Highway Ave in the downtown area.

Check out more of the amazing scarves I made after the jump! Continue reading

Just Wanna Quilt: A Podcast


I got an email one day from Dr. Elizabeth Townsend Gard about being interviewed for her podcast, Just Wanna Quilt. I, of course, said yes! My interview will be up on the website on Tuesday, but you should go over there now and check out some of the podcasts. She’s had some amazing people on. And yes, I do listen to it at work on the Bluetooth speakers, so now most of my staff is up to date as well!

She found me from my interview on BBC. We chatted about quite a few things on the podcast, from Quilt-gate to my Zelda Quilts, and everything in between! In fact, she and I are doing a follow-up shortly, and I’m sending her some of the scarves I’ve been designing lately!

Follow the jump for more about this project… Continue reading

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