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The Pondscape


As I said in an earlier post about my upcoming projects, this one was high on the priority list. It has been sitting in a bag in my closet for over a month and half, and I cannot stand the thought of it being there, untouched. I recently pulled it out when I decided it belonged on my priority list! It’s going to be a pond for someone who used to be a neighbor of mine. She and I recently reconnected when I was back in Indiana for my Grandfather’s Funeral, and we’ve been emailing each other for a while now, and I decided this is for her! I had pretty much everything in a 2 by 2 diamond, and now It is slowly being pieced together and it feels sooooooo good to be back on the horse! It is a diamond block, and it is the first time I am working with them. I gave up on the quilt top almost 2 months ago when I became annoyed with the way the diamonds sewed. After a while I remembered I never give up, and I am currently diving back into it! Get it,’ pond’, ‘diving’… Oh well.  Anywho, click below to see more pictures of my work!

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Equal Sign Block

By popular demand, I have decided to post the block design for the Marriage Equality Quilt I did. I have about 10 requests for it, so I hope everyone enjoys it! It is quite simple really, just 7 strips of fabric, and you have a gorgeous quilt block that you can do many things with. I’m even thinking about using it again, but rotating every other block by 90 degrees. I feel like it would add some fun texture to a quilt top!


Click Below for the block pattern!

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Happy Pride!

This weekend is Gay Pride! So I decided to post a quilt top I made a few months ago for marriage equality!

Lakeville-20130702-00367 - Copy

I do consider myself rather apolitical, but I was very excited about DOMA being repealed, and that did put a smile on my face in time for gay pride! I really don;t go to the parade or anything like that, because I really don’t consider it that much fun, but for those who do, this quilt op is for you! Cheers mates!

Click Below for More Pictures!

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Mad Men is Inspirational!

As everyone knows, I love Mad Men! I think it is one of the best shows on television, and I love the outfits! In fact, I would even call the outfits on the show inspirational, and here is why.

Joan Holloway

Joan is a secretary that climbs the corporate ladder, and becomes one of the essential team members at the firm. Her outfits, are AMAZING! The likes of which I don’t think could ever be outdone! In fact, the picture I chose is the inspiration for a new quilt project! I love the blue dominance, with the hints of purple and green undertones as seen in her blouse. After seeing this, I decided that it will be the color scheme for an upcoming quilt. I know I have a list of upcoming quilts and none of them really fit this color scheme, but I think I will have to add one strictly for Mad Men. I think I even have some light weight upholstery fabric that would match the texture of her dress, as well as some that would match the blouse! I am very excited, and as soon as this episode I’m currently watching is over, I might just have to dig it out!

PS. Everyone should be watching!

List of My Next Quilting Projects

Okay, so as I sit here at home watching more Mad Men, I’m struck with inspiration! Luckily I had my legal pad and a pen nearby to write down these things. I have come up with my next 5 projects. Now, these are not set in stone, and they may change based on any whim, or any commission project that may come up. So, as I’m being spirited away by the amazing serial Mad Men, which is about an advertising agency set in the 1960’s, I had an idea. I need to make quilts that speak to me more, not just ones that look pretty. It was the theme of the episode I was watching. So, my next few projects are close to home as they are for people, mostly, that I care a great deal about.

The List:

1) A quilt for my nephew Damien, who was born a few months ago is in dire need of an Eric The Quilter quilt! I was thinking his would be Red and Green, with hints of Purple, and Yellow to round out the color scheme.

2) A quilt for a dear friend of mine who used to baby sit me growing up. She was a neighbor for 8 years, and recently we reconnected, so I’m really excited, and I already started work on her quilt! Follow the jump for a picture of the progress so far! It’s aquatic themed, so lots of blues, purples, greens, and browns.

3) A quilt for TJ, my best friend. He and I have been friends and we are pushing up on our two decade anniversary! His Quilt is a Legend of Zelda themed Triforce Quilt! His 24th birthday is coming up in August and I really want to give it to him for his birthday.

4) A baby quilt for my roommate’s daughter. Not sure about the details on this, but for sure pink and purple. Maybe I’ll throw in some electric blue and lime green to really make the colors pop!

5) A quilt for my living room. I’ll have to stare at the thing all day every day, so I do consider it very close to me! It’s matching my living room motif! The colors are Burgundy, Blue, Forest Green, and Gold. I’m very excited for it!

Click Below For Some Pics

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My Esthetician’s Quilt

My Esthetician’s Quilt!


I made this quilt top about 8 months ago, and I’m going to lie, it took me a while to get around to quilting it. Honestly, I have no idea what the name of this block is, but this is the second quilt top that it has been implemented in. I love this pattern! The first one that was made with this pattern is still in my closet. Some day I’ll finish that one too.

I quilted it on my machine which is a brother. I would have preferred to long arm this one, but time constraints and all made that one difficult. I waited 8 months, and I didn’t want to take any longer finishing the quilt. I think it ended up beautiful, so I cannot complain! For this piece, I just stitched in the ditch. I was not the easiest thing, but I did okay. I would like a juki so I could quilt better, but I’ll have to do with my lightweight brother for now.

I know what everyone is going to say. Wow! This is PINK! And yes, yes it is very Pink! The color choice was not mine, but I didn’t mind it terribly. I affectionately refer to it as my pepto bismol quilt. I do think it is a thing of beauty, but I may have a biased opinion. I was the one who made it. I remember when it was a stack of fat quarters sitting on my ironing board. Now it is a 65″ by 65″ quilt and it looks marvelous! I am going to miss it, but it will have a good home with my favorite facialist!

Click Below for more pictures!

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My Hair! My Quilt! My Other Updates!

I’ve decided to take a break from the first half of the day by dying my hair. I started bleaching out the current color last night, and now I have the second part of the dye job at hand. I’n not exactly sure what color it is going to be, but I hope it turns out nice! But anywho, back to the subject of this blog. Quilting!

So as I sit here watching Mad Men, and having dye burn my scalp, it made me think of all of the colors my hair has been dyed over the years. Black, Red, Teal, Blonde, Pink, Purple, Dark Brown, and it made me think of the fabric stash I have in my closet of the fabric I hand dyed. The color selection is very similar to the hues my hair has been over the years. I’ve decided my  next projects will run side by side. Because while I love art quilts I have been doing lately,  also have a baby quilt to make that I am a few months behind on.

Now that everyone knows my next two projects, a fun art quilt made with hand dyed fabrics, and a baby quilt in jewel tones. I’m really excited to work on these two projects, and I’m really excited to fill  everyone in on them as soon as I have them done. Heck, I’ll make sure to post constant status updates on my quilting projects. I also have a quilt I finally finished, and I have to put in the mail, so I will take some gorgeous pictures before it gets packed up to ship.

I also got my business cards in the mail along with my magnets! I’m super excited! I will be mailing out a bunch of them on Monday. If anyone wants one, just email me and I’ll gladly send you a few!

Thanks for visiting!


Sandstorm Quilt Top Done!


Here it is with the border on! I decided to go with uneven borders. On two of the adjacent sides the border is 2and 3/4 inches, and on the other two sides the border is 5 inches. I really wanted to go for uneven borders after someone mentioned it on my facebook post, that it would add depth. And She was right! I love the way it looks! I was going to go for angled sides, but I decided I liked it the way it was, and I like the squareness of it contrasting with the entropy of the the rest of the top.

I have decided to give this quilt to Quilts of Valor, and I’m not going to lie. It will be hard to part with, because I love it quite a bit. Since I know it is going to a good cause, I can accept with it. I hope whoever receives it will love it as much as I do!

Click below to see more photos!

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Sandstorm Project Update

I’ve been working on this thing all morning! Well, I dyed my hair at some point too, but for the most part I have been working on this quilt top. It’s taken a lot of effort, but I’m pretty happy with the result. I still have to add a few more strips of the sandstone colored fabric, but once I do that it will be completely done. The sandstone color is also going to be the border, so I’m really excited for it!

I would be lying if I said it was easy. Working with no plan is quite a step away from my comfort zone, but I really like the way it made me think. It made me work on my spontaneity and how to lose control creatively. I really liked it! It’s not my favorite project I’ve done, but it hits the top 10 for sure!

More pictures after the jump!

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