My Hair! My Quilt! My Other Updates!

I’ve decided to take a break from the first half of the day by dying my hair. I started bleaching out the current color last night, and now I have the second part of the dye job at hand. I’n not exactly sure what color it is going to be, but I hope it turns out nice! But anywho, back to the subject of this blog. Quilting!

So as I sit here watching Mad Men, and having dye burn my scalp, it made me think of all of the colors my hair has been dyed over the years. Black, Red, Teal, Blonde, Pink, Purple, Dark Brown, and it made me think of the fabric stash I have in my closet of the fabric I hand dyed. The color selection is very similar to the hues my hair has been over the years. I’ve decided my  next projects will run side by side. Because while I love art quilts I have been doing lately,  also have a baby quilt to make that I am a few months behind on.

Now that everyone knows my next two projects, a fun art quilt made with hand dyed fabrics, and a baby quilt in jewel tones. I’m really excited to work on these two projects, and I’m really excited to fill  everyone in on them as soon as I have them done. Heck, I’ll make sure to post constant status updates on my quilting projects. I also have a quilt I finally finished, and I have to put in the mail, so I will take some gorgeous pictures before it gets packed up to ship.

I also got my business cards in the mail along with my magnets! I’m super excited! I will be mailing out a bunch of them on Monday. If anyone wants one, just email me and I’ll gladly send you a few!

Thanks for visiting!



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