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Don’t Forget to Follow Me on Facebook

I’ve been working on my Facebook page for the better part of the day, updating all of my photos and links. Some of them still went to my old blog address. I wondered why I was still getting hits on that site.

While I’ve updating my facebook page for Eric The Quilter, I’ve been going through all of my old quilt tops I have already completed and the few I have that are almost done. This leads me to my next point, which is my next project. I loved this newer quilt almost above anything I have ever done, so I have decided my next piece is going to involve traditional patterns with a new twist.

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Border on!

Border on!

Now my ‘Frozen Star’ (That’s the working name!) quilt topis done! The border just went on and now all I need to do is Iron it down more. I quickly pressed it so I could get a picture of it, and it was well worth it! For a binding I think I’ll just use black fabric to kind of give it an ‘infinite edge’ quality to the finished project. I’m just so elated that this project is coming to a close. The more and more I stare at this quilt, the happier I am.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I always go through a period of doubt while sewing. Half way through I’m usually doubting my design and always on the verge of re-evaluating my design, and starting over or changing project mid way, but I always see it through, and I have never been disappointed in the results!

Electric Quilt

Has anyone used Electric Quilt before?

I’m just curios as to what people have to say about it. I personally have never used it, but I do know someone who has it and raves about it. She told me that if I was ever going to be interested in selling quilt block patters (which I am), that I would need to get it. I know it would be a great upgrade from the way I currently design quilts. Currently I use paint and a grid pattern, so almost anything would be an upgrade. I suppose as my quilting gets more complex the graph paper just won’t cut it anymore.

So, that is the question I have to pose to the internet nation: What do you think of Electric Quilt?

Also: What generation would give me the most ‘bang for my buck’.

Thanks in advance!

Secret Project Final Post… Maybe

Here it is! The Labor of my love.


Here is a picture of it. I have yet to put on the border, because, well frankly speaking, I’m tired of looking at this red and black fabric. I have done nothing but this quilt for the past 3 days, and now I need a break. Maybe I’ll start designing my next quilt while I call my long arm teacher to talk to her about a plan for this beast.

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