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Dual Star: A New Kind Of Blooming 9 Patch

So everyone remembers Frozen Star. Well this is kind of like that, but different. Instead of one star, it’s going to be two. The background if going to be tan and brown. I’m not sure if I’m going to make both stars the same color or make each star a different color. What do you guys think? I’m either going to do both stars in turquoise, or one purple and one turquoise.

Frozen Star Quilt: Finished!

I did it! I finished the quilt! I’m just in love with it! Too bad I’m not going to keep it, otherwise I would already be snuggling up to it. I decided to give it to someone who sort of got me into arts and crafts as a kid. I really hope she likes it! I’m so glad I went with the blue thread. It looks like tiny ice crystals all over the quilt. I didn’t do a very tight stipple because I didn’t want the blue to override the black fabric and make the red look purple. I’m happy with he way it turned out! I just hope she likes it! And don;t forget! You can make this quilt too! The pattern for both the Throw Size and the Queen Size are in my Etsy Shop!

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Frozen Star Quilt: Getting Quilted

Okay, so I chose blue thread. People kept telling me to go with grey, but I really wanted some blue! I’m so glad I chose blue! It looks like little bits of ice are scatted through the quilt with the stitching! I just adore it! Cannot wait to finish and put on the binding! This top was made about 6 months ago and just now being quilted. I feel so far behind! Haha! One of these days I’ll catch up to myself!

Patterns I’ve Made On Etsy


Just sorting through things and updating my Etsy shop with quantities, and figured I would remind everyone what’s in there!


Mario Throw Quilt Pattern

Mario Wall Hanging

Fire Flower Wall Hanging

Goomba Wall Hanging

1 Up Mushroom Wall Hanging

Zelda Bird Wall Hanging

Zelda Bird Throw

Zelda Bird Twin

Zelda Bird Queen

Tetris Throw

Frozen Star Throw

Frozen Star Queen

Quilt for Equality Block

Rydia Final Fantasy Wall Hanging

Margie’s Queen Quilt

Interlocking Columns


How Should I Quilt This?

Frozen Star 2

Later this week or next week, I’m planning on quilting this. I have no idea what to do. Part of me wants to do a simple design, and do grey thread, but then part of me wants to do something with turquoise thread, and just have some wild and crazy fun! What does everyone think I should do?

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It’s 3am, And I Need A Break!


What did I do all day you may ask. I worked hard on this beast of a quilt. The pattern was so confusing because I labeled it poorly, so at one point one hunk of the quilt had an extra row of blocks, and nothing matched up, so I had to start half of it over again! Some of the pieces are sewn together, but most of it will be done tomorrow morning.  I am just too tired right now to even think about sewing more. My line of vision is a little blurry, so I know that means to step away from the machine and get to bed, but I just needed to share this before I went to sleep! Hope everyone likes it!

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Frozen Star Gallery Posting!

Right now, at 2:30am I have decided that I really need to work on my gallery and organizing all of my pictures, so here goes nothing!

I’ve decided I will start with “Frozen Star” and I’ll make a gallery for each quilting project, so you can see the transformation from a pile of fabric into an amazing work of art. Well, most of them are works of art. Everyone has an off day! 🙂

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