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Collection of What I Have Made in 13 Months!

This is just a collection of what I have made this year!

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New Projects!

This picture embodies how I feel when my Roommate comes downstairs to say hi.

Now that I’m three weeks in to building a website following, I can focus more on quilting and less on tinkering with the settings. Yay for more time for quilting! This means I have a new laundry list of projects to handle! Hooray!

The List:

Quilt for Vicki! This one is a blooming 9 patch from browns to blues. If I did a normal blooming 9 patch, it would be fun, but not very exciting! I’m not sure how I’m going to spice up the design, but I’ll work on that in the back of my head!

Possibly a commission. Still talking to the person requesting it, so we’ll see about that one.

Have to quilt the Top’s for Miss A, My Muse Miss S, and my best friend TJ, and the one for Quilts of Valor.

I have my Mad Men themed quilt, that is going to be hung in my living room. Not sure on what kind of design yet, but I’m always thinking about that.

Click below for pictures of the tops I have to quilt!

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Finished TJ’s Zelda Quilt Top


Even though I am sick, I have managed to finished sewing this top! I couldn’t stand looking at it anymore in the state of a half finished top in pieces on my floor. My allergies are acting up, and my eyes keep watering, so watching the sewing machine was a little much for me, so I had to finish it in parts, and only sew one or two seams at a time. It was kind of nice though to be able to catch up on some of my Netflix dvds that came in the mail this week. ‘The Man With The Iron Fists’ was pretty darn good! I’m not usually one for action movies, but it was pretty entertaining.

I’m sure people are more interested in how I sewed this beautiful creation, and less interested in what movies I like to watch. So, I sewed the diagonal strips together with the squares. Then I ironed all of the strips with the seams in opposite directions from each strip. So every other one had the seams facing down, and the other ones had the seams facing up. I think just started sewing them on my machine and a couple dozen seams later. Here it is in almost all of it’s glory. I still have to quilt it. Haha.

Click below for more pictures!

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I’m On Reddit!

That’s correct! I’m on Reddit! I started one yesterday, and already I got a few likes! So far my most popular is Frozen Star, and I also have Sandstorm, and TJ’s Quilt on there! I got a few upvotes, and I’ve had a nice increase in traffic from Reddit. So, I cannot really complain! I also have been working on TJ’s quilt! Here are some updated pictures! I still have a headache, so I haven’t been working at full speed. Focusing on the sewing needle is a little hard on my eyes right now, so I’ve been working on getting my internet presence and branding up and running. Reddit has proved quite helpful, and I’m really excited for all of the quilting boards I’ve been hitting it! People really like my work, and I’m very happy to share it with everyone who will look at it. I am even working on getting a gallery showing for my work for next summer going! No guarantees, but it’s in the works!


Click below for more pictures!

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Sorry I Have Been MIA!


I am so ridiculously sick! I have a horrible headache, so for every 10 minutes of staring at the sewing machine, I need about a 20 minute break, so sorry for no posted progress this evening. Hopefully I’ll have something for tomorrow morning! I have been working on the Legend of Zelda Quilt, and It is coming together nicely!

It’s 3am, And I Need A Break!


What did I do all day you may ask. I worked hard on this beast of a quilt. The pattern was so confusing because I labeled it poorly, so at one point one hunk of the quilt had an extra row of blocks, and nothing matched up, so I had to start half of it over again! Some of the pieces are sewn together, but most of it will be done tomorrow morning.  I am just too tired right now to even think about sewing more. My line of vision is a little blurry, so I know that means to step away from the machine and get to bed, but I just needed to share this before I went to sleep! Hope everyone likes it!

Click below for more pictures!

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The Background is cut!


Hooray! The background is all cut, and tomorrow I shall begin work on the foreground! I have the yellow and gold fabric picked out, I just need to piece it all together, and make the multi-piece blocks! That is just a little too much for today. Mainly because the neck hurts from leaning forward while sewing, so I’m going to kick back for the rest of the evening with my roommate and watch some Drop Dead Diva. I’m excited! Not sure what I am more excited for though. This quilt, or Drop Dead Diva. Hmmm?

Click below for more pictures!

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Zelda Quilt Has A Background!


I started the piecing of the background for the Zelda quilt for my best friend TJ. It is his birthday in August, so I’m in no hurry, but the sooner I knock out the top, the sooner I can get it off of my mind. For the background I decided to do shades of Green, Brown, and Black. I really think they are blending together quite nicely. The pictures aren;t the greatest, because I don;t have the best lighting in my basement, but I can assure you, it is going to be gorgeous!

Click Below for more pictures!

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Things to do today…

On the docket for today, I have to put a border on Miss A’s quilt, and then I have to start the top for my best friend’s birthday. He is getting a Legend of Zelda themed quilt, and I know he’ll love it! I found this pattern online, and I plan to work the hell out of it! For the bird I am going with golds and yellows, and then for the background I’m going with blacks and greens. I know it will be fabulous!

TJ's quilt

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