Finished TJ’s Zelda Quilt Top


Even though I am sick, I have managed to finished sewing this top! I couldn’t stand looking at it anymore in the state of a half finished top in pieces on my floor. My allergies are acting up, and my eyes keep watering, so watching the sewing machine was a little much for me, so I had to finish it in parts, and only sew one or two seams at a time. It was kind of nice though to be able to catch up on some of my Netflix dvds that came in the mail this week. ‘The Man With The Iron Fists’ was pretty darn good! I’m not usually one for action movies, but it was pretty entertaining.

I’m sure people are more interested in how I sewed this beautiful creation, and less interested in what movies I like to watch. So, I sewed the diagonal strips together with the squares. Then I ironed all of the strips with the seams in opposite directions from each strip. So every other one had the seams facing down, and the other ones had the seams facing up. I think just started sewing them on my machine and a couple dozen seams later. Here it is in almost all of it’s glory. I still have to quilt it. Haha.

Click below for more pictures!

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