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It’s Complete! It’s Complete!


I did it! I made Miss A’s quilt! It’s so adorable! My first attempt at a Bargello Quilt turned out alright! It’s not perfect, but trial and error, right! It was my first stab at making a Bargello quilt, so if you look closely the edges are not perfect, and yes, it is a little annoying, but it’s okay. I’ll fix it with the border. I hope I can anyways. I already showed it to Miss A’s mom, and she adored it, so I hope Little Miss A will love it just as much! So, I’m done for the night, and will put the border on tomorrow. I was thinking about doing a border of solid purple. Yes, that sounds right!

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The Bargello Pattern is Beautiful


Sewing all of those giant strips was quite the task! Mainly, because I have a very light weight sewing machine that slowly moves towards me as I sew. I think with the next few quilts I sell I shall buy a JUKI! It took quite a bit of effort to continuously sew these strips. The electrician was coming back, so I only had about 2 hours to do this! So this is what I have so far, and as I was taking these pictures I heard the knock on my door, so once again, I am out of my sewing area and back in the living room! Anyways, I hope everyone likes the pattern so far!

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Beginnings of The Bargello Baby Quilt

First off, let me apologize for the lack of posts today! I’ve had an electrician over fixing the ceiling lights in my sewing room, so I was unfortunately parted with my fabric. Although, in the past hour or so, we have had a very fabulous reunion if I do say so myself. I’ve started to make large strips of fabric for my bargello baby quilt, and I’ve been laying them across my floor and ogling them for the past few minutes! So, now let me share them with you!


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