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The Start of Damien’s Quilt


I’m sitting here in my basement fervently tearing up my stash of fabric looking for any fun scrap I can add to this fun quilt top. I decided that I was not going to do the puzzle piece as I did with my other nephew’s quilt. Both of his parents are quite the individuals, and so I imagine he will be quite the individual too! I decided to make his a wave of colors almost. It is going to start out as red, and then fade to green, then to orange then to purple, then to green, and then back to red. I’m not sure how I came up with the idea, but I’m really enjoying it as it starts to come together! I already started piecing scraps together to get fun textures and colors in the quilt, and I already started to pattern then out on my floor.

I’m kind of just rolling with th pattern for now, and it is very apt to change as it gets closer to being done, so we shall see how far it ends up from it’s starting point.

Click below for more Pictures.

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Puzzle Pattern

By popular request I have decided to post the pattern I used for the baby quilt I made for my nephew, Mr. J.

Puzzle quilt pattern repeated

For this pattern I used a block that was 8 inches by 8 inches. So for each color of puzzle piece you use you will need  Two 3″ by 8″ pieces, and Three 3″ by3″ pieces of the same color for one piece. Pic however many colors you want, and how ever many pieces you want. You do have to do a grid pattern with it, and I don’t recommend starting to sew until you have pieced everything out.

I have a picture of the pattern block with dimensions after the jump!

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I’m Listed on ‘Quilter Blogs’!

About a week ago, I applied to be registered on a Blog called Quilting Blogs.


Basically, it’s awesome because, it means your blog has some kind of substance that they would post your bloglettes on their site. Secondly, it means more traffic for my site! More hits, and more clicks, which means I can get revenue, from adverts. I know, I’m money hungry, but hey, I like what I do and I’m trying to make a living off of it!

So, I just wanted to let everyone know how awesome I am, and that you can seem my work as well as many other inspirational quilting works. So check it out!

My Nephew’s Baby Quilt

Now, I know I am supposed to be working on one for my nephew Damien, but I was just going through some old work, and found pictures of the quilt I made for my other nephew Mr. J.


I made this about 8 months ago, and finished quilting it about 2 months ago. I saw the puzzle pattern on a magazine somewhere, and thought, “Oh, That’s cute!”, and I made a pattern for the block and next thing I know, I started sewing! Now, I did make a few errors when I started this. I started piecing blocks and then I realized some of them can’t match up because of the coloring. I felt like a fool. So, I ripped some seams, and started again. I think it still turned out okay! I wish I took a picture of the back before I sent it to him, but hindsight is always 20/20. I’m thinking about doing a similar pattern for my nephew Damien, but I think I might do a twist with his, and spice it up quite a bit! So, once I settle on a color scheme, I will update all of you on my next one, but I figured I could share this one with everyone, since I am looking at it for inspiration!

Click below for more pictures!

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