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Better Pictures of TJ’s Quilt!

So I took some better pictures once I pieced it out better on my floor! I just took these!

Sorry I Have Been MIA!


I am so ridiculously sick! I have a horrible headache, so for every 10 minutes of staring at the sewing machine, I need about a 20 minute break, so sorry for no posted progress this evening. Hopefully I’ll have something for tomorrow morning! I have been working on the Legend of Zelda Quilt, and It is coming together nicely!

It’s 3am, And I Need A Break!


What did I do all day you may ask. I worked hard on this beast of a quilt. The pattern was so confusing because I labeled it poorly, so at one point one hunk of the quilt had an extra row of blocks, and nothing matched up, so I had to start half of it over again! Some of the pieces are sewn together, but most of it will be done tomorrow morning.  I am just too tired right now to even think about sewing more. My line of vision is a little blurry, so I know that means to step away from the machine and get to bed, but I just needed to share this before I went to sleep! Hope everyone likes it!

Click below for more pictures!

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