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I Feel Like I Know So Much More Now…

I have been hit by the onset of this cold. I think it is at it’s worse. I hope! So, that means no sewing! Which is very sad. Very SAD! But, what can I do about it, I’m sick. So, instead of being active, I have been actively thinking. I was talking to someone on the phone who called me an inspiration, and I thought, “the only inspiring thing is that I’ve learned”. When I first started sewing it was a little bit of a hot mess. I didn’t know about pressing seams, or about when sewing blocks to have the seams be opposite of each-other for a smooth stitch. I knew none of that! I expected to cut all of the fabric for my first quilt with scissors. I didn’t even thinking of using a rotary cutter. Now, I can’t live without my rotary cutter!

I remember seeing a bargello quilt, and I thought making one would be impossible. Not, I can whip one up in a day with time to spare! It just makes me smile and giggle. I never could have imagined myself doing this, but you know what, I’m really enjoying it! I remember when I met my friend, Ceci. She told me she was a quilter, and I thought, “Cool beans. I wish I could do something cool like that!” Now, I have a sewing and quilting blog, have an Etsy shop, and a basement full of quilts! I feel like I have come a long way! In fact I know I’ve come a long way, because I found the first quilt top I had ever made. The corners may not be all on point, and the seams may be off by 1/32nd of an inch, but gosh darn it! I think it is beautiful! It will always remind me of when I started!


Click below for more photos of my first quilt top.

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I Have a Shop on ETSY!



I opened a shop on ETSY! It’s quite fabulous! All of the items are made to order. I’ve posted pictures of what some of my quilts look like.  Eventually I’ll post some of the blocks I enjoy doing. As for now, I have some lap quilts on there, and I cannot wait to get some hits!

So check it out!

Calling All Sewing, Craft, and Fabric Enthusiasts!

Calling All Sewing, Craft, and Fabric Enthusiasts!

I’m working on making an interviews series for this blog. Once to twice a week I would like to interview people who have insight in the sewing, fabric, and craft worlds. It is going to start off as text interviews, but eventually I would like to do video interviews, or audio interviews. I already have 2 lined up, but I would like to get a few more confirmations before I start the series. I was hoping to launch it later this month, and at the latest next month. They would mainly consist of me asking about how you got started, what you specialize in, just general questions, and then of course to spice it up, a few off topic fun questions. All the interviews would be bout 10 to 20 questions and I think it would be fun to interview people.

If you are, or know anyone who is interested, feel free to email me at ericthequilter@gmail.com, or private message me on my Facebook Page!

Wanted To Share The Giggles!

Found this online, and thought everyone might enjoy it!

This is how I feel when I gt a fabric store and the pattern I like was stopped! I actually ran into this problem for a border, I had just less than enough and went to Joann to get more, and they no longer had it! Sad Day! Oh well, I improvised and got some other orange fabric that I liked just as much!



Sewing Tip For Everyone!

Sewing tip! I know a lot of people know this, but I have come across quite a few people who do not!

When pressing open a seam with an iron, make sure to press the seam close first. It really helps lock everything in place, and it helps give you a nice smooth look to your piecing! I didn’t know this when I first started quilting about a year ago, and all my seams were fine, but never perfect! It was a little annoying, but not the end of the world. My friend who taught me how to quilt told me to do it after she saw my first quilt top, and I have been doing it ever since! It truly is an amazing tip, even if most people already know it! I just wanted to share!

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