I Feel Like I Know So Much More Now…

8 Jul

I have been hit by the onset of this cold. I think it is at it’s worse. I hope! So, that means no sewing! Which is very sad. Very SAD! But, what can I do about it, I’m sick. So, instead of being active, I have been actively thinking. I was talking to someone on the phone who called me an inspiration, and I thought, “the only inspiring thing is that I’ve learned”. When I first started sewing it was a little bit of a hot mess. I didn’t know about pressing seams, or about when sewing blocks to have the seams be opposite of each-other for a smooth stitch. I knew none of that! I expected to cut all of the fabric for my first quilt with scissors. I didn’t even thinking of using a rotary cutter. Now, I can’t live without my rotary cutter!

I remember seeing a bargello quilt, and I thought making one would be impossible. Not, I can whip one up in a day with time to spare! It just makes me smile and giggle. I never could have imagined myself doing this, but you know what, I’m really enjoying it! I remember when I met my friend, Ceci. She told me she was a quilter, and I thought, “Cool beans. I wish I could do something cool like that!” Now, I have a sewing and quilting blog, have an Etsy shop, and a basement full of quilts! I feel like I have come a long way! In fact I know I’ve come a long way, because I found the first quilt top I had ever made. The corners may not be all on point, and the seams may be off by 1/32nd of an inch, but gosh darn it! I think it is beautiful! It will always remind me of when I started!


Click below for more photos of my first quilt top.


One Response to “I Feel Like I Know So Much More Now…”

  1. Christine July 8, 2013 at 10:11 pm #

    Lol…Eric the Quilter, I don’t know if your story is universal to quilters but it certainly resembles mine. My early quilts were made with crappy fabrics that bled, scissors, and an entire lack of understading of how to do binding. But the creativity was fun…so I learned, read, was inspired, progessed, In a short time I was making works that my long arm quilter marveled at. So I decided to embrace even that aspect of quilting and purchased a short arm, which I still use despite its limitations for creativity. So I think I might get where you’re at. You are very talented and creative. I’ve been a quilter for 12 years now. I have kept a journal of all my works to see the progressions and so I may reread all the thank you notes for those quilts given away. Perhaps you might like to do that too. Keep up the good work, don’t let it consume you, and we’ll see you in Fon’s and Porter someday.

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