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The start of my next project!


I started my next project. After I picked out the fabric, it just kind of hit me what to do with them. I’m not gonna say exactly what I’m doing, but rest assured, it will be epic! The reason I’m not saying, is because it very well may change by the time I finish it! I’m quite fickle like that!

Click below for more photos!

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Picked out the colors for my next project!


I’ve picked to colors of fabric for my next project! I’m not completely sure on the design yet, but it will involve these! Now, the fun part of this quilt is the fact that the blues I chose were all hand dyed by me about 3 years ago, and I have been hanging onto them for something special. I’ll let everyone know of a design as soon as I come up with one!

Interview Series: Quilts of Valor

Today is the first interview of a series I am doing on people involved in the textile world! Today, we have Carol Olson who is the Minnesota coordinator for Quilts of Valor!

Me: I’m here with Carol Olson, and we’re going to talk about Quilts of Valor’s Minnesota chapter. So Carol, can you explain what Quilts of Valor does for those of my readers who do not know?

Carol: Quilts of Valor is a non-profit foundation that was started in 2003 and they cover all warriors from World War II to the present with a healing quilt of comfort. Anyone who was touched by war, which is almost every veteran. It’s all donated, the pieces, quilters, long-armers. Ten percent of the quilts go abroad to the hospitals, so when they are wounded in the battlefield, they are automatically covered by a quilt. A small token from home, to show that we appreciate their service.

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New Projects!

This picture embodies how I feel when my Roommate comes downstairs to say hi.

Now that I’m three weeks in to building a website following, I can focus more on quilting and less on tinkering with the settings. Yay for more time for quilting! This means I have a new laundry list of projects to handle! Hooray!

The List:

Quilt for Vicki! This one is a blooming 9 patch from browns to blues. If I did a normal blooming 9 patch, it would be fun, but not very exciting! I’m not sure how I’m going to spice up the design, but I’ll work on that in the back of my head!

Possibly a commission. Still talking to the person requesting it, so we’ll see about that one.

Have to quilt the Top’s for Miss A, My Muse Miss S, and my best friend TJ, and the one for Quilts of Valor.

I have my Mad Men themed quilt, that is going to be hung in my living room. Not sure on what kind of design yet, but I’m always thinking about that.

Click below for pictures of the tops I have to quilt!

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Everyone Should Pay Attention!

Everyone Should Pay Attention, because today is the start of the new series of interviews I’m working on! It will be once or twice a week, and I will interview people who have a great deal to do with the textile world. I’m excited to share my encounters with the world of textiles, and cannot wait to get everyone’s take on what’s going on in the world of textiles!

So far on the docket, we have:

Carol Olson from Minnesota Chapter Quilts of Valor.

Cecile Lewis from City Grown Colors Blog, and she’s a prominent quilter and natural dyer.

Travis Barr who runs the online fabric shop, The Barr Spool

I Decided Against The Lilypads


As I was appliqueing on the last few diamonds to pierce through the border, I realized, I really don;t want any lily pads on it. I’m not sure why, maybe I think they’ll make it too busy, nut I just decided against them. I decided to stick with the diamonds I appliques on and then that will be it.

I did decide to add them to pierce through the border, just to kind of tie it all together. If I had any of the fabrics from the center left, I would have used one of them to make to border, but I worked with what I had, so I put a few diamonds piercing through the center of the quilt and breaking out into the border. I feel like it really gives it some dimension and I really like that! I’m not sure how I’m going to quilt it, but I’ll figure that out eventually. I’m not sure if I want to accent the appliqued diamonds, or if I just want to quilt over them to make them fade into the rest of the quilt. I’m open to any suggestions people may have!

Click below for more photos!

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