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About Two Thirds Done – Silky Blooming 9 Patch

30 Apr


I’m almost done! I still have to finish the last two corners, but it’s coming together quite nicely! I just love this silky print fabric! I know a lot of people say you can’t mix fabrics, but I’ve always been a renegade! I’ll admit, it wasn’t as easy as working with regular quilting fabric, but it also wasn’t terrible. Hopefully I’ll finish up the top this weekend! Wish me luck!

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Untitled Blooming 9 Patch With Mixed Fabric

17 Apr

Last month was about working on quilts with knit fabric. This month is all about the silky print polyester! This piece is about one third of the way done, and hopefully I’ll have an updated photo for you by the end of the week. I’ll be honest it wasn’t easy, but now that I have it down, I’m really finding it easy to work with. I made a promise to myself to use of fabric in my stash, and this silky print has been in it for quite a while. there are about 5 bolts of other polyester fabrics I want to use up, and trust me, I already have designs for them, just need the time to sew them! Wish me luck!

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Redwork Blooming 9 Patch Is Finished!

4 Aug

I finished this scrappy looking work of art! I’m just in love with it! I really hope the customer this is for will be as pleased as I am. It really inspired me to do another 9 patch. This next one is going to be a bit “crazy” if you catch my drift!

Watching Netflix And Sewing

2 Aug

I’ve been binge watching “Hot Wet American Summer: First Day of Camp” on Netflix. It’s so bad, it’s good! Also while this amazing senseless drivel is pouring out of my laptop speakers, I’ve been sewing away on this Blooming 9 Patch! I just love the red-work vibe it’s giving off! The customer who ordered it said Red and White and do what I want. I’m so happy when people give me creative license. I feel so awesome about this quilt! I’ve almost got it all together, and hopefully I’ll start quilting it by tonight! Wish me luck!

I’m Working On A Blooming 9-Patch

31 Jul

I’ve been sewing away on this, and I thought I would post some pictures. I’m doing a white and red Blooming 9-patch and I wanted to give it a random chaotic kind of scrappy feel, so I mashed up a bunch of red fabrics I had. I think it is turning out just marvelous! Hopefully I’ll have the top finished by Saturday, and then I can quilt it Sunday. Wish me luck!

Working On A Birthday Present

29 Jul

I’ve had this quilt top for almost a year and now it is time to do something with it! It’s a birthday present for a friend of mine, and when it was just brown and blue it was a little too boring, so I added these diamonds to help make it pop, and to draw your eye to the center of the quit. What do you think of the applique? Does it make it pop?


Dual Star: The Complex Piecing Begins!

27 Jan

I started to lay out all for the pieces so I can sew them together! This is the longest process of all, but soon I will have about a quarter of the quilt top done, and then I have to wrap it up and put it a box for now. I just sold another quilt and I have to start work on that!