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Making The Mesh For Distortion – A Prayer For Zachary


I’m totally cheating with my embroidery machine! It does the best applique! And for this project, it’s perfect. It’s almost comedic to look in my sewing room right now. It’s covered in ribbon, fabric scraps, thread, and starch based glue. I just buy Elmer’s by the gallon. They sell it at Walmart for like 10 dollars, and goodness knows I’m using it by the gallon. ‘A Prayer For Zachary’ did have to take a back seat this week with the blizzard we had, and I got a throat infection. It’s like this avian flu just won’t leave me alone. Don’t get sick, it’s for the birds… Literally! (More Pictures after the jump.)

Back to making this netting and tulle to distort the view of this quilt… Continue reading

Solar Flair

It started out as a flower in a dark garden… then, somewhere along the line I started to applique bias strips of fabric down, and now it’s a star! I even named it “Solar Flair”, which, let’s face it, you have to do ‘jazz hands’ while saying it out loud! I have about 200 more strips to put on, but once I do, it’s going to be looking sharp! I’m working on it tonight, so I’ll post the update tomorrow! Wish me luck!

I Made Some More Placemats

I’ve been working on these for a couple of days now, and I just finished my last two. One side is a cupcake, and the other side is a flip flop. I think they are just too cute! I did the applique with a regular sewing machine, but next time I think I’ll use an embroidery machine. You know, lately I’ve been trying to work on smaller projects besides quilts, because I want a few things that I can do in one sitting, versus a quilt taking a week. You know?

Stitcher’s Garden: Finished The Second Block

I’m not going to lie: I did not finish the first block. It is still on one of my sewing tables, and I’ve still got to make the border for it, however, I did manage to pound out the second block for everyone to see! Hopefully I’ll finish the first 3 block by next weekend, but no promises. I have a commission quilt that is in the queue, and that gets started this weekend. It is a super cute Mario Twin bed set! However, it’s time for me to start getting ready for work! Hopefully the day flies by so I can get back to sewing! Wish me luck!

Stitcher’s Garden: First Block Almost Done

I didn’t end up doing much sewing last night, but I did manage to get some of the applique done on this. I just love using my 9960 to do applique, there are quite a lot of stitches. I’m still getting used to doing applique, and it will take some work, but I will do it! Again, if you want to take the class on it, you are more than welcome to at the Indiana Sewing Center! It will teach you about all sorts of fun feet for your sewing machine!

Spring Table Runner Finished

I’m just in love with this quilted table runner! I did all of the embroidery and applique on the Designer Diamond Royale. The applique tool is one of the new features, and I am in love with it. Next I am going to do a star themed one for 4th of July and Memorial day. I’m just so excited! Also, I’m going to be teaching a crazy quilt class soon! I’m just so excited for all of the things to come!

Working On Another Table Runner

I started work on a spring themed table runner at work. I really like the bright colors. If only it would stop snowing here in the Midwest, it might actually feel like spring. I’m doing the circles again, it reminds me of blowing bubbles when the weather is nice on a picnic. What kind of table runner should I do next? I really need to get a Designer Diamond Royale so I can do this at home!

Finished The Table Runner

I finished the quilting on this beautiful table runner! I cannot wait to hang it at the store on Tuesday. I have Monday off, so hopefully I’ll get a little bit more quilting done soon! I just love this applique. I think I’m going to do one that is Solar System oriented next. I really like it Or, I can do something spring themed, and use the circles for flowers and flower pedals. We’ll see!

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