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Another Busy Weekend: Solar Flair


Busy, busy, busy. That literally describes me these days. This was a productive weekend! I did break camp, and get some frozen yogurt with some friends… Totally worth it! So today was work, work, work. I finished the ‘Solar Flair’ quilt, and I’m wrapping up my Twin Peaks quilt right now. I’m taking a break from ironing the binding to write this. You have no idea how good it feels to have this quilt done. It’s been sitting around half finished in my basement for months! Actually, almost a year! Let’s not talk about that too much. Let’s avoid my UFO stash altogether, in fact.

Anyways… Follow the jump for some close ups of this gorgeousness! Continue reading

Adding Texture To “Solar Flair”

I know I haven’t posted much lately, but I’ve been so busy staying in my basement sewing up a storm. I broke out this half finished project and added some texture using tulle and mesh. I really like the way it looks, but it’s not a pom-pon, you know? I still have quite a bit of work to do. Wish me luck!

Solar Flair

It started out as a flower in a dark garden… then, somewhere along the line I started to applique bias strips of fabric down, and now it’s a star! I even named it “Solar Flair”, which, let’s face it, you have to do ‘jazz hands’ while saying it out loud! I have about 200 more strips to put on, but once I do, it’s going to be looking sharp! I’m working on it tonight, so I’ll post the update tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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