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Back From Hiatus


This week I have been so burned out, that I didn’t want to quilt or blog, but now I’m back and feeling refreshed. I would post something interesting, but I have to go to work for a couple of hours. When I gte home though, I have a top that is pinned and ready for me to quilt it! Wish me luck!

I Finished Quilting Tetris

I was up until the wee hours of morning working on this beauty! I finished the quilting around 1am and then finished the binding at like 2:30. I still want to stitch in the ditch around the blocks using glow in the dark thread, but by the time I was getting around to it, my vision started to and sewing straight lines was not on the table. Hopefully I’ll do it tonight! So then, what’s next for my quilts of nerd-dom?

I’m Tackling Tetris!

I’ve asked around the geeky groups I am a part of, and the general consensus was pokemon, tetris, and dragon ball. Eventually all three will be added to my Quilts of Nerd-dom line. I got really inspired and decided to make this tetris quilt top. It’s all cut, and now I just have to start sewing. I think I might make dinner first, but then after that, I should have the entire quilt top done tonight. I also have the Zelda Commission in the dryer so I’ll post pictures of that later! Wish me luck!

Finished The Quilting On Zelda #6

I was up until 4am doing all of the quilting. I was halfway done at 1:30 and almost called it quits and went to bed, but I was just so excited to see it finished that I just powered through and watched some True Blood and finished the quilting! Now tonight, I have to bind it and wash it, but also… I might take a nap first. We’ll see.

Finished A Commission Zelda Quilt Top

I did it! The commission isn’t due until the 25th, so that gives me a couple of days to work on it. I always find the quilting the easy part. I don’t have to pay much attention to stipple, so that’s nice.  Not sure if I’m going to pin it today or what… We’ll see!

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Making Some Legend Of Zelda Quilt Progress

I did it! I finished this part before I went to bed last night. Sorry I didn’t post it sooner, but I had to go to work and then do some housework. It looks really bright in the light I took the picture in, but it looks a little darker when you are just looking at it. I really love the way the colors are melting together! Hopefully tonight, I’ll finish the middle part! Wish me luck!

Working On Zelda Commission 6! It’s Green!

Today I really wanted to do some sewing, so I made a quick dinner by grilling some hotdogs, and now I am onto sewing! I’ve been sewing for a couple of hours and I’ve gotten quite a bit done! Now it’s time to lay out the quilt and start the piecing process. This part always takes a while, but it’s a lot of strips, so it isn’t that hard! Hopefully I’ll get this corner done by the time I go to bed! Wish me luck!

Working On My Next Commission… Zelda 6!

This is the 6th Zelda quilt commission I’ve gotten, and I think I am becoming a pro at making these! I already have the fabric picked out and tonight I am going to be piecing them together! Wish me luck! I still have to find fabric for the center, but I’ll get to that later!

I Finished The Parliament Of Owls!

I did it! I finished my owl potholders! Now I get to throw them into the box that is being shipped to my cousin and my aunt. There are quite a few goodies in that box! Some fabric bowls, a ruler, some thread, and some pot holders! I know they’ll be surprised when they get it! Now I have a commission I have to work on, so if you’ll excuse me, I have fabric to iron and cut! Wish me luck!

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