Monthly Archives: November 2015

Bad Wolf


It is hot off of the machine! I finished it in the wee hours of morning and just cut it and set it in a frame. I just adore Doctor Who, and I’ve always loved the Bad Wolf story-arch. Well, let me get off to work, and then when I come home, I’ll be quilting!

Alice In The Garden Of Eden Is Done!

I finally have it quilted and bound. I showed it off at the Quilt Guild meeting I went to on Tuesday, and now I’m showing it off to you! I can;t wait to enter it at the county fair! I’m not sure where else I could put it in for a prize, but I’ll try to find a few venues to show it off at! Wish me luck!

The next one I’ll make after Christmas will be my rendition of the Emerald City, with the yellow brick road and poppy fields!

Alice In Wonderland Meets The Garden Of Eden???

Do you ever just want to prove you “can” do something. I’m not big on making art quilts, to be honest, this is my first attempt. I just wanted to see what I could do, if I put my mind to it, and to be honest: it’s not half bad… We’ll see what else I can do to make it pop a bit more! I know one thing… I’ll need more thread! OOOHH!!! And some vines! Lot’s of vines! Maybe purple vines…

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