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Live Long And Prosper

Someone once said sewing was cheaper than therapy… I have since found out, that was a lie! A very large lie! However, after all of these supplies have now amassed themselves in my sewing room, I have decided that sewing is at least as helpful as therapy. As I’m putting a quilt together for a commission, I am always working on something in the background on my embroidery machine! I got a couple of requests to do something Star Trek themed, and now I can say I did one! I have a couple other ones in the works, but they might be a while before they get stitched out. So here is a sampler of what my large stash of embroidery and sewing supplies can add up to. Isn’t sewing just astounding!

I’m Launching A Youtube Channel On December 1st!

I’m launching a Youtube Channel in December and wanted to give everyone a little sample of what I’ve been doing with my Premier Embroidery Plus software. There is a feature on the digitizing software where you can create and share a life view video of what the design stitch out will look like. I couldn’t help but make a couple of videos. Now, keep in mind that these are just samples, and I’m considering them a work in progress! Follow the jump for the other videos!

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