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The Nerdy Things I Embroidered This Week…

Collage 11-9-15

While I’ve been quilting away on other projects, my embroidery machine has been working just as hard! So has my software! With this new software, I have quite a few more faculties available to me, and I can do quite a bit more than before.  I don’t quite have the time to really explore everything that it can do, but hopefully after the holidays I’ll have some time! Hopefully I’ll have some time before my Youtube channel officially launches so I can post a couple videos on that. Anyways, I’ve been stitching out quite a few things. Mostly for throw pillow cases, but also just to show myself how to make them, and what they’ll look like. So here are some pictures of the things I digitized after the jump! Continue reading

Live Long And Prosper

Someone once said sewing was cheaper than therapy… I have since found out, that was a lie! A very large lie! However, after all of these supplies have now amassed themselves in my sewing room, I have decided that sewing is at least as helpful as therapy. As I’m putting a quilt together for a commission, I am always working on something in the background on my embroidery machine! I got a couple of requests to do something Star Trek themed, and now I can say I did one! I have a couple other ones in the works, but they might be a while before they get stitched out. So here is a sampler of what my large stash of embroidery and sewing supplies can add up to. Isn’t sewing just astounding!

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