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Death of A Sewing Machine

I’m sad to announce that my Brother sewing machine has passed away. I literally ran it into the ground while quilting. It overheated and melted art of the inside. I knew it was getting old, but I thought I would have more time with it, but I did find a janome I liked, so I’m going to order that later this week, but until then, I’ll just try to use my other machines, even though neither of them quilted as well.


I’m Quilting The Pond…

I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who recently, and I feel like Amy Pond and I could have been good friends! Speaking of Ponds, I’m going to be quilting the Pond Quilt for my old neighbor. She was the one who hemmed my communion pants when I was in second grade, and I cannot wait to finish it and give it to her for Christmas! Hopefully I’ll finish the quilting today! It’s only a 75″ by 55″ throw, so I might even get around to the binding today! Wish me luck!

Finished The Quilting On Margie’s Quilt!

Yesterday I was schlepping away on this beast of a quilt. I also managed to make some amazing meatballs for Thanksgiving Dinner! In-between my moments of cooking, I had moments of quilting! I quilted the entire thing last night, and today at some point I’ll put on the binding! I’ll post some better pictures once I do that! Until then, enjoy this beauty! I just did some random stippling, and I like the way it turned out! The back is made out of scrap fabric, and it’s… unique! We’ll just all focus on the top!

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I’ve Shown You Mine… Now Show Me Yours!

Everyone has seen mine, now let me see yours! I want to do a once a week thing where I show off your work! I’ve made some quilts, but I know you’re making them too! It only seems fair! So send your quilts, and your website if you have one, or even your Etsy shop, and I’ll post a couple every week! Sounds fun to me!

Email me your pictures! Please make sure they are appropriate!


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