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I Got Another Machine – It’s My First Kenmore

I picked this up at Goodwill for 15 dollars! It was way work it! The zig zag stitch is just luscious! IT just sews so smoothly! It’s not the best at winding bobbins, but I have so many other machines I can wind bobbins on, so I’m not that concerned. It is a nice heavy duty machine! I got it for the satin stitch, since I’m making so many fabric bowls now, I wanted something that I could use for hours! I just love it! I’m also super happy it is a low shank machine so I don’t need any new attachments! I’m going to get sewing on it! Wish me luck!

Confessions of A Quilt-aholic: Afraid Of Technology


I’m not going to lie, computerized machines intimidate me. I see an embroidery machine and I get nervous. All I can think of is about what if I break the Motherboard? What if my tension is off? What if it only sews backwards? I’m terrified! I look at the machines surrounding me in my room and I know that if one of them has something wrong with it, I can take it all apart and put it back together. (Trust me, I’ve had to do it to some of them.) I can take apart the thread tension disks and put them together. I can take apart my bobbin case and adjust the thread tension there. I can clean the gears, I can buff the needle plate. I can do it all… to a mechanical machine anyways. Continue reading

My Janome Will Be Here On Friday!!!

I ended up ordering the Janome 2212. It was a lot of machine for the money, and I cannot wait for it to get here on Friday! I’m also still getting my Mom’s Singer so I’m also excited about that! My Free-Westinghouse is out of needles, so I’m bummed about that, and I need to order more. My Singer 66 is still at my friend’s house, so I’ll have to go grab that later this week, because without a machine I will go crazy! Here’s to a new machine, and an old one! I’m excited!

I’m Still Sad About My Machine Dying, But…

That means I get a new one. I was thinking about a Janome, because there is an inexpensive one that I want, and I think it would suit my needs rather well. It’s called a Janome 2212. I’m still getting my Mother’s machine, but I kind of want a cheap workhorse to use for quilting. I think it will be a nice machine, and I know Janome makes good quality machines, and I just can’t wait to get one, I’m going to still be looking to see if I can get anything good on CyberMonday, but if I cannot find anything that tickles my fancy tomorrow, I’m going to buy it! I can’t wait!


I’m Getting My Mom’s Machine!

My Aunt just emailed me and asked if I would like my Mother’s sewing machine. I instantly replied that I would call her after dinner! I am so happy! To be honest, I forgot what kind of machine it was, but I’m just so happy to have it! I’ve been plugging away all day on my Free-Westinghouse. In fact I just finished the quilting on this! This is actually for a friend of my Mother, who lived 3 doors down from me when I was young. She was the woman who did the hem on my communion pants. I’m so excited to give this to her!

Death of A Sewing Machine

I’m sad to announce that my Brother sewing machine has passed away. I literally ran it into the ground while quilting. It overheated and melted art of the inside. I knew it was getting old, but I thought I would have more time with it, but I did find a janome I liked, so I’m going to order that later this week, but until then, I’ll just try to use my other machines, even though neither of them quilted as well.


Confessions Of A Quilt-aholic: Hoarding Machines


We all remember my piece I wrote about Hoarding Fabric… I mean Stashing… (Awkward Silence.) Something I recently noticed, is that people are not just hoarding fabric, I’m sorry, stashing, but they are also hoarding machines. I, myself, have been dabbling in it I suppose, as I have collected a few machines, but only two of them, so I don;t think I need to go to rehab yet. Lately I’ve been going to auctions and consignment shops and looking for any antique gems that still run. The only requirement I have is that they need to run properly, because I do plan to sew with them. In fact, just recently, I acquired a Singer 66 from 1947, and I’m in love with it. It’s just gorgeous! (Is it wrong to be more excited about getting a machine than going on a date?) Continue reading

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