Confessions of A Quilt-aholic: Afraid Of Technology


I’m not going to lie, computerized machines intimidate me. I see an embroidery machine and I get nervous. All I can think of is about what if I break the Motherboard? What if my tension is off? What if it only sews backwards? I’m terrified! I look at the machines surrounding me in my room and I know that if one of them has something wrong with it, I can take it all apart and put it back together. (Trust me, I’ve had to do it to some of them.) I can take apart the thread tension disks and put them together. I can take apart my bobbin case and adjust the thread tension there. I can clean the gears, I can buff the needle plate. I can do it all… to a mechanical machine anyways.

At work I see the embroidery machines, which are beautiful pieces of art, and I love to play on them! I made that shoe bag, and then I did some embroidery samples at work. They are fun and amazing! However, I’m worried about owning one. Now in all reality, I could never justify the price of one to do what I do. I don’t do crazy quilts, and however much I think embroidery is amazing, I probably would not do it professionally. I just don’t see myself owning one.

Then it happened. I was sewing on a Viking Sapphire and fell head over heals! That machine is amazing! I want it in my sewing room! I was playing around, doing some stitching samples at work, and then I realized, I’ve never had a machine that can do all of this, and do it all with such little effort. The stitches were awesome! It stitched little cars and bikes, and then little tulips. I was thrilled. It is a bit expensive, but I think I might face my fear of computerized machines and snatch one of these up! Imagine all of the fun and ridiculously awesome quilting I could do on it. Guess I am just going to face my fears and, in the words of Tim Gunn, “Make It Work!”

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