Daily Archives: February 24, 2014

Throw Pillow: Sneak Peek


Here is a picture of the pillow I made at work. I took it home to finish it, and then I also made a pillow from scrap batting. Stop by tomorrow morning for the full article and pictures!

Colts Quilt: Finished The Top

I did it! I feel so bad I am running behind on this for a customer. I told her I would discount it for being late, but I still really need to finish it. I’ve been all wrapped up in paperwork and everything this past week, I’ve only been able to sew at work, and I only work on work projects t work, so then I work on my projects at home, and it has been a bit crazy this week, but I’ll be quilting this tomorrow! I cannot to mail it out and not have to worry about it anymore! I love the way it is looking! My only wish is that I had more of the blue fabric I used in this. Hopefully I can find more so I can use it for the binding. I have other blues I can use, but I really like the blue I used in the quilt!

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