Daily Archives: February 4, 2014

Anyone Know What These Feet Are?

Since I just figured out how to ruffle, I decided I should probably familiarize myself with the other feet associated with my machine. So I dug these out. They came with my machine, but I have no idea what they are… anyone know?

I Sewed Ruffles! Kind Of!

As the title reads, I sewed a ruffle today! I have never used a ruffler before, and it is kind of scary looking. It’s from the 40s and I was a bit intimidated. At first all of my stitches gad excess thread underneath, and it wasn’t too amazing to look at either, but I finally got it calibrated and it sews! I still have a few other feet, but I have no idea what they are. One of these days I’ll have to try them out!

Does anyone have any tips for using a ruffler?


Zelda Commission 5: Finished The Top

I did it! I finished it last night, but was too lazy to post it. I have today off from work, so it is catch up day on all things Blog and housework related! Lots of cleaning, but hopefully I can get lots of sewing done too! I think I am going to start the quilting on this quilt later today. I’m using backing fabric, so I don’t have any more piecing to do for that. All I have to do is cut the batting off the roll, and cut and sew the binding. I feel so ahead of the game!


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