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Zelda Commission 5: Onto The Next Third

Since I worked yesterday, and when I got home I had a few things to do around the house, I didn’t sew anything. Today I’m catching up on a few things. Once of those things is my current Zelda Commission. I did the first third of it 2 days ago, and now I’m onto the middle section. I’m loving the blending effect of the blues!

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First Embroidery Project

I did my first embroidery project today! It turned out perfectly… until I melted the thread with an iron. I had used a marker to mark the fabric and it ironed off when finished. So the entire time I’m pressing this thing as I sew, I remember to use the silicon ironing pad, but then at the last moment, I use the iron to get the yellow marker off, and it melts the thread. The purple rayon was fine, but the black polyester… not so much. I felt like a total heel! It’s still kind of cute though, and at least now I know how to make it for future reference. In fact, I’m thinking of making another in my spare time for my flip flops. It would have to be much larger though.

So today was a good day. I learned how to use an embroidery machine, and tomorrow I’m taking a class on embroidery software. I melted some thread, and now I know I will never do that again! I’ll just wait to wash it off! I’m still petting it on my sewing table next to my laptop. Now off to work on a quilt! Wish me luck!

First Day Of Work Was Amazing

I am so in love with my new job! I literally get to hang out with people and talk about sewing! It’s the coolest thing ever! MY Bosses are awesome1 The owner and store manager are super nice! I feel like I am really going to like it there! Although, now I really want to buy the Viking Opal. Who am I kidding… give me the Diamond! Both are out of my price range at the moment, but soon the Opal will be mine! I learned how to use it today, and I loved it! It sews so amazingly, and so smoothly. It is like butter! I’m just so happy! I cannot wait to go back tomorrow! Best Job Ever!

Here is a picture of the Viking Opal… isn’t it pretty!?


Zelda Commission 5: About A Third Of The Way Done

I did it! I hit my goal for the night. I was up late doing this, but it was so worth it. Now that it is out of the way I won’t be thinking about it at work. Now that it is bright and early I’m going to go and get ready for work. I love the way the blues blend in the background. At first I thought my blues all had a little too much contrast, but they all blended quite nicely. The golds blended was too. Tonight after work I should be able to get the next third pieced, but we’ll see how tired I am.

Zelda Commission 5: Some Progress Was Made

I made a little headway today. I was at work all day, and then came home and Skyped with my cousin and my nephew… they are too cute! Anyways. I started to piece this out again, and I’m slowly adding to it. Hopefully I will finish the piecing on this third tonight. I start my new job tomorrow so I doubt I’ll have time tomorrow. Wish me luck tonight!

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