First Day Of Work Was Amazing

I am so in love with my new job! I literally get to hang out with people and talk about sewing! It’s the coolest thing ever! MY Bosses are awesome1 The owner and store manager are super nice! I feel like I am really going to like it there! Although, now I really want to buy the Viking Opal. Who am I kidding… give me the Diamond! Both are out of my price range at the moment, but soon the Opal will be mine! I learned how to use it today, and I loved it! It sews so amazingly, and so smoothly. It is like butter! I’m just so happy! I cannot wait to go back tomorrow! Best Job Ever!

Here is a picture of the Viking Opal… isn’t it pretty!?



  1. Tracy Day says:

    And just wait til u get the chance to hang out with the Wednesday/Saturday Sewing Ladies;-). We are even more fun!! Glad you enjoyed your first day…there’s more where that came from! LOL

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