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My Zelda Quilt: Quilting Finished!

I did it! I did it! I’m about to pass out, because I’m low on fluids. I’ve been sweating like crazy. Happy my fever broke though! I’ll bind it tomorrow. I am too tired, and the a rewatch of the Downton Abbey Christmas special is calling my name! Enjoy!


My Zelda Quilt: I Finished Quilting The Background

After a few setbacks from being sick, I have managed to finish the background quilting. I decided to go with purple thread, and to do a medium stipple. I’m still thinking about adding some brown stippling on top of it, just to add some texture and dimension, but I might just call it a day at purple! I’ve still got to do the stitching for the bird and I’m going to use a turquoise thread for that! Hopefully I’ll finish that tonight, but for now I’m off to go and shovel some snow! Wish me luck!

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