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This, This Is Why I’m Hot!

I figured since I already did Mario, I should everyone my Fire Flower! I just laid out the pieces. I’m cutting all of the fabric for these blocks, and then tomorrow I will sew them. I’m too lazy to sew them tonight! Next is a 1Up Mushroom! Then I’m not sure, but all I need is one more block for this throw quilt.

It’s a Me: Mario!

So I’ve decided that I did not want to start my next art quilt, and I just wanted to do a funa nd quick project that would only take a day or two, and this is it! I’m doing a quilt with 8 bit character’s from Mario Bros. Haha! I’m so excited that I am getting my nerd on. Do not worry though, by Monday I will have started my next art quilt! Enjoy this teaser for now!

My Zelda Quilt: Out Of The Dryer

It’s done! It’s done! It is officially done and I love it! I cannot wait until I snuggle up under this thing tonight! I’m so excited to cuddle under this and perhaps watch some Masterpiece Theater. It has a flannel backing, and then a 100% cotton batting. It’s going to be so warm1 I’m so excited!

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Started Pcking Fabric For My Next Project

I have officially finished my Zelda Quilt, and now I am on to my next project. I’m sure exactly what I am doing, but I already found the fabric I want to use! I’ve got browns and tans, and then a pop of blue of purple! I’m really excited. In fact, I am working on designing it right now. I did just finish the Zelda quilt, and I will post pictures as soon as it is out of the washer!


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