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Win A Free Quilt

Just wanted to remind everyone that I am picking the name tomorrow at some point in the afternoon! Whoever wins will receive an art style throw quilt made in the colors of their choosing. To enter all you have to do is follow me on my social media! Good luck! (Must be part of the continental US to win… unless you want to pay for shipping yourself.)





Vikings Quilt: Half Way Done

I am almost halfway done with the top! I did a lot of the piecing before, so I only really have to sew in the new squares and the sew the strips together! Never buying from an Ebay buyer again. From now on I am sticking to very reputable online fabric shops. Ugh!

Frozen Star Quilt: Finished!

I did it! I finished the quilt! I’m just in love with it! Too bad I’m not going to keep it, otherwise I would already be snuggling up to it. I decided to give it to someone who sort of got me into arts and crafts as a kid. I really hope she likes it! I’m so glad I went with the blue thread. It looks like tiny ice crystals all over the quilt. I didn’t do a very tight stipple because I didn’t want the blue to override the black fabric and make the red look purple. I’m happy with he way it turned out! I just hope she likes it! And don;t forget! You can make this quilt too! The pattern for both the Throw Size and the Queen Size are in my Etsy Shop!

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Frozen Star Quilt: Getting Quilted

Okay, so I chose blue thread. People kept telling me to go with grey, but I really wanted some blue! I’m so glad I chose blue! It looks like little bits of ice are scatted through the quilt with the stitching! I just adore it! Cannot wait to finish and put on the binding! This top was made about 6 months ago and just now being quilted. I feel so far behind! Haha! One of these days I’ll catch up to myself!

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