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Vikings Quilt: It’s Coming Along Alright

I have had such a busy day. I’ve been running around all morning, and then I had to go run around after lunch, but I am home now. I have a sewing class tomorrow at 8:30am so I cannot stay up too late, but I do want to finish the top tonight. I have until Tuesday to mail it out, but ideally I can mail it out tomorrow. We’ll just have to wait and see!

And The Winner Is… Drumroll Please…

and the winner is

Cin! A lovely woman named Cin, from Minnesota has one the giveaway! She asked her quilt be Aqua, Coral, and Seafoam. No idea when I am going to start the quilt, but she will have it by March! Hopefully!

For those of you who did not win, don’t despair! I’m going to be doing another drawing at 250,000 views! I hope everyone gets ready, I’ll probably be pulling a name in another couple of months!

My Job Interview Went Really Well!


So, I got there at 9am and I think the owner and I really hit it off! The manager of the store also seemed to like me. They even invited me to sit in on one of their classes tomorrow morning! I’m so excited! He said he would let me know by later tonight or tomorrow. So we’ll see! wish me luck!

I Have A Job Interview


I wish I had something quilting oriented to post this morning, but I had to go to sleep early last night. I have a job interview this morning! So, I emailed a sewing machine shop asking if they were looking for any help, and the owner responded saying he liked my blog and my Facebook page, and he not only wanted some help in his store, but he wanted help with his website, his Facebook page, and his Ebay page as well. I can;t really call myself an expert, but I’m pretty savvy in all of those departments. He even mentioned that if I am hired, he would teach me some sewing machine repair as well. I’m bringing two quilts with me to show him my ‘mad quilting skills’, so he doesn’t think all I can do is blog. I really hope I get the job, so as you read this wish me luck! I’ll make sure to post how everything goes when I get back home!

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