I Have A Job Interview


I wish I had something quilting oriented to post this morning, but I had to go to sleep early last night. I have a job interview this morning! So, I emailed a sewing machine shop asking if they were looking for any help, and the owner responded saying he liked my blog and my Facebook page, and he not only wanted some help in his store, but he wanted help with his website, his Facebook page, and his Ebay page as well. I can;t really call myself an expert, but I’m pretty savvy in all of those departments. He even mentioned that if I am hired, he would teach me some sewing machine repair as well. I’m bringing two quilts with me to show him my ‘mad quilting skills’, so he doesn’t think all I can do is blog. I really hope I get the job, so as you read this wish me luck! I’ll make sure to post how everything goes when I get back home!


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