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What’s That: Another Giveaway!


That’s right folks! Since I start my new job Thursday, and I am in an amazing mood, I decided to add another 15 dollar gift card to the drawing! So, what you have to do to qualify is comment on the post labeled, 15 Dollar Etsy Gift Card Giveaway! Comment on the post, and tomorrow at 6pm central time I will pick 2 winners! All you have to do is comment on that post!

Good Luck

Zelda Commission 5: Started To Piece It

It’s looking lovely! I’ve been kind of working all day, but to be honest, I’ve also been watching a lot of BBC. My goodness I love some British people! They make amazing TV! Hit and Miss… truly amazing! Not for all people to watch, but it’s kind of awesome! Anyways, back to the quilt. I’ve been piecing the quilt on and off all day. I love the way the blue blends together. At first, I was a bit worried that the blues were all too different, but I like the way it ended up looking. Hopefully I’ll have at least a third of the top pieced tonight, but I won’t hold my breath.

Gift Card Giveaway Question

So, as you all know this week I am doing a Gift Card Giveaway! I want to this once a month. My question is, should I do a 5 dollar one every week, or do a 20 dollar one every month? If I do one every week, people can get a pattern, or save it until they win another one and get a couple patterns, or should I just do a 20 dollar one once a month so people can not only get patterns, but use it towards a quilt. What do you guys and gals think?

Dual Star: Progress Before Packing It Up


Here is what I have for Dual Star. I’m a little bummed I have to pack it up and out it away for the next couple of days while I work on this Zelda commission, but I think absence will make the heart grow fonder! I’m sure that I will just jump right back into it! I really love this turquoise fabric, so I’m using it in my Zelda commission as well. Wish me luck, because I have an awful lot of things to do this week! Oh, and I start my new job! 😉

Queen Zelda Commission: Getting Started


Okay, so I’ve had to pack up Dual Star, because I’ve gotten a new commission. It’s going to be a queen size Zelda quilt. On the order form he selected blue, so here are the shades of blue for the background. I have everything going from a medium blue to navy. I think it will all blend very well! The bird and the Triforce are going to be gold, and I think it will contrast nicely against the blue. Wish me luck!

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