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Dual Star: Progress Before Packing It Up


Here is what I have for Dual Star. I’m a little bummed I have to pack it up and out it away for the next couple of days while I work on this Zelda commission, but I think absence will make the heart grow fonder! I’m sure that I will just jump right back into it! I really love this turquoise fabric, so I’m using it in my Zelda commission as well. Wish me luck, because I have an awful lot of things to do this week! Oh, and I start my new job! 😉

Dual Star: The Complex Piecing Begins!

I started to lay out all for the pieces so I can sew them together! This is the longest process of all, but soon I will have about a quarter of the quilt top done, and then I have to wrap it up and put it a box for now. I just sold another quilt and I have to start work on that!

Dual Star: A New Kind Of Blooming 9 Patch

So everyone remembers Frozen Star. Well this is kind of like that, but different. Instead of one star, it’s going to be two. The background if going to be tan and brown. I’m not sure if I’m going to make both stars the same color or make each star a different color. What do you guys think? I’m either going to do both stars in turquoise, or one purple and one turquoise.

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