Monthly Archives: April 2014

3 Blocks Down… 3 To Go… Oh, And A Pillow Sham

Well, three blocks down, and three to go, and a pillow sham! I’m so excited! I was thinking about putting up pillow shams on Etsy. What do you guys and gals think? I mean, they are easier than a quilt, and I could move more of them. Just something to keep on the back burner I guess.

One Mushroom Down, One To Go!

The Green 1-up Mushroom is finished! Between it and the fireflower, I am one third of the way done on these blocks! You know, I’ve always wanted a 1-up tattoo on my shoulder blade. Perhaps that is where my next Mario Quilt commission money will go to! Well, time for me to get to work on the Red Mushroom! Wish me luck!

Bargello Table Runner: Finished

I feel so happy I managed to finish the table runner, but also somewhat silly. I did not measure the fabric properly, and it is too large to fit on my dresser. It hangs over about 3 inches, and I just don’t like that at all. There are mirrors on the back of the dresser, so it hangs off the front, and then you can’t see the handles on the drawers and I’m just not feeling it… not feeling it at all. So I’m sending it in the mail to Ray’s Sew Crafty. She said she has plenty of dressers to put it on, so I’m happy it is going to a good place!


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